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What the patients say

My son's office closed because someone in the building was diagnosed with Covid 19.  Subsequently my son and 8 of his colleagues all had flu like symptoms.  I also developed a bit of a temperature and sore throat, but it was incredibly mild, much less so than most colds I have ever had.  We did the recommended thing of self-isolation and have both started working from home.

Since taking your herbal preparations I have been in much better health with regards to my respiratory issues than I have for many years.  In fact, notwithstanding the above, I have not even had a cold all winter.  This is the first time that I have been this free of colds/flu or worse for many years.


I have been seeing Richard since 2006 after a severe bout of optic neuritis; part of my multiple sclerosis. With his help my eyesight has become on a par with non- MS's of my age. I can even drive again.

The herbal medicine supports me through bad times. Without side effects. Richard listens carefully to what is happening in my life. Each consultation is a calm, safe place to share concerns. He researches new treatments and has recommended helpful supplements


I have been seeing Richard for 16 years since I was diagnosed with an auto immune condition. Treatment has kept my condition steady and manageable with minimal progression and with no side effects.

Richard is caring and listens to changes in my life and adapts my treatment accordingly.


I came to see Richard Adams related to my Psoriasis having little hope of help with the discomfort from my dry skin that I had for more than 15 years. He meticulously approached my multiple health issues from consultation to consultation resulting in significant improvement of the Psoriasis. I strongly recommend Richard Adams and his practice.

Mr. Oliviu L. Ghenciu

A friend mentioned Richard to me. My life was quite challenging because of menopausal hot flushes day and night. It was making me so uncomfortable I either had too many layers of clothing or not enough for the Winter weather. Richard warned that the medicine would taste bitter. Well I really didn't care - it was a great pay off. I noticed changes within the first seven days. The number and intensity of flushes reduced until they stopped entirely! I like that herbs can work with your body and not against it. I am a much happier person who now sleeps peacefully.


I came to see Richard after I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's thyroiditis. Over time due to the individualised herbal remedies my health balance has stabilised. This is definitely a holistic medicine. The herbal support covers all aspects that are not functioning properly. Richard is very knowledgeable in this field. He constantly researches. He prioritises well and has a very balanced and grounded approach. I prefer herbal medicines because they stimulate the body to recover rather than invasively take over. They work well even over a long period of time. I recommend Richard to others.

Raluca Grada

When I was ill recently and it was too far to travel I consulted Richard by phone for my allergies and Hay fever. Within days I was feeling relief and could stop taking antihistamines I had from my doctor. Richard sent the herbal medicines quickly through the mail. Now my Hay fever has gone he is helping me with other chronic health issues. He has made many helpful suggestions including about diet. I wholeheartedly recommend Richard.

Deborah Samuel

I have been a patient of Richard Adam’s for ten years. I went to Richard because I had bronchitis and three courses of antibiotics had not worked. Richard Adams was helpful, thorough and personable. The herbs cured my cough within a couple of weeks. Following this successful outcome I took my young daughter when she was seven years old. My daughter enjoyed seeing Richard and I have no doubt that he also helped with her various health issues while she was growing up. I liked the fact that Richard would always take time and give us the opportunity to talk about anything that was bothering us. We were never rushed and it was clear that Richard was very experienced.  I have subsequently returned to Richard many times and avoided taking antibiotics as his herbs have cured various issues such as a cough, feeling generally unwell, having trouble sleeping and more.


viv noon photo for website_edited_edited

My herbal journey with Richard started in 2017 after I was diagnosed with Barrett's oesophagitis. I had suffered from heartburn and acid reflux since the 1990s. I was told I would need to take Proton pump inhibitor drugs for the rest of my life and frequently return to hospital for endoscopic examinations. I took Richard's herbs and recommendations and just over a year later the hospital gave me the 'all clear'. Since then we have moved on to my next healthcare priority which is my heart and circulation.

I like the way Richard always explains clearly about the contents of the medicine and each herb. His calm approach and support have really helped me through this stressful period of my life.

Viv Noon

Richard is a great listener. He is careful, thoughtful and makes adjustments where necessary. My children who are 10 and 9 years of age have greatly benefited from his herbal preparations which have helped their sleep and digestion. Many thanks!

Mother of two children with food sensitivities and insomnia

I recently found a breast lump and was sent for tests. The first question  was always "are you on HRT and how long have you been taking it?" that was when I decided to come off. A few weeks later my menopausal symptoms returned. Richard, who was recommended by a friend, took an in depth consultation and prescribed some herbs. After only three weeks there was a vast improvement with my hot-sweats, mood, and energy. I highly recommend!

Nicola Vanlint

After my first covid jab I had fatigue and severe bouts of hayfever. Richards holistic approach was attentive and methodically reassuring. After two weeks the fatigue eased and my hayfever went altogether. I found the herbs and thoughtful approach an effective process.

Robert Holder

Richard was empathetic, friendly, and a fantastic listener. His holistic approach gave me insight into what had become chronic problems. He gave me solutions which have proved lasting. His herbal prescription restored the calm I need to maintain a busy lifestyle. I feel a new woman!

Susanna Dammann

Robert Holder

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