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Healthy gut flora
(Some pandemic clinicians in China think Covid-19 disrupts flora.)

Did you know there is a miniature garden living in your bowels?

​This garden made up of essential microbes some 100 trillion strong. You may have heard it described as a microbiome. A microbiome is an ecological community of microbes that, helps to break down food to release energy, produce vitamins, and  protect us against bugs.

And what is more, you need a healthy bowel flora for a well-functioning immune system. .

​Processed sugar in high amounts in your diet; upsets the balance of microbes in your gut. In addition, sugar uses up precious vitamins, leads to weight gain, and increases inflammatory processes in your body.

​Herbs and real food, on the other hand, promotes and maintains a healthy gut flora. Here are some foods that are particularly valuable for supporting a diverse flora.

  • The allium family of herbs like onion, garlic and leeks help to support probiotic foods like natural live yogurts, muesli and miso.

  • ​Nuts, seeds, and ginger provide oils and zinc that are required on a daily basis to enable a vast array of metabolic processes in your body.

  • Mushrooms are a source of Vitamin D and beta glucans both support an appropriate immune response and increase NK cells. These immune system cells are primary responders to a viral challenge and can also break down cells infected by viruses.

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