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About consultations and charges

Consultations are face to face , or,  remote by phone or video.

The herbal consultation


Medical herbalists are trained in the medical sciences. The herbal consultation is much like a visit to your GP but you are afforded more time and a more holistic approach is taken. We are interested in your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing so that a rounded health plan is reached that is tailored to your individual needs. The herbalist will talk to you, in confidence, about your medical history and a physical examination is performed when appropriate. Any other medication or treatment you are receiving will be given due consideration and when herbal treatment is not appropriate a referral to another healthcare professional will be discussed.

Appointments and fees:


Consultations may generally be booked from 10.00 am Monday to Saturday with the last appointment finishing by 7 pm ( 4 pm Saturday and depending on which Selfcare Clinic you choose). If you have particular needs do ask. Telephone or video calls are available.

Please allow 60 minutes for first visit and 30 minutes for a follow up.


A follow-up appointment will be made for one or two weeks later, and subsequent visits may be monthly or at longer intervals.

The selfcare health plan may involve dietary and lifestyle advice as well as individualised herbal preparations, these are dispensed at the Clinic or posted to address of choice. One week's medicine generally costs about £16 plus post and packaging.

• First appointment :           £80

• Follow-up appointment : £50


Taking blood pressue
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