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Rosemary oil this Christmas

Advent is the looking forward to the coming of the joyful new. Rosemary is a herb associated with Mother Mary and fitting for our Covid Christmas. It contains polyphenols that invigorate digestion, circulation and the nervous system. Research shows that Rosemary keeps the brain awake and firing. Just as Shakespeare tells us it is good for remembrance. It can also lower your stress hormones, ease anxiety and lift your mood.

A simple way to work with Rosemary is to make your own oil.

You will need:

A decorative glass bottle - sterilised

Some sprigs of rosemary

Olive oil (enough to fill the bottle)

How to make herb oil:

• In a small saucepan, pour in the amount of oil you need and warm gently.

• Do not overheat, it should not bubble, just warm enough to draw the oils out of the herb.

• Take your Rosemary sprigs and gently roll them with a rolling pin a couple of times.

• This light crushing will allow the herbs contents to escape into the oil.

• Poke your sprigs into your clean and sterilised glass bottle.

• Your bottle may be sterilised with hot water and detergent or using Milton’s fluid.

• Put the bruised sprigs in your glass bottle, carefully pour the warmed oil into the bottle and seal it shut.

• Leave it to cool and to steep for a couple of weeks before use.

Uses for rosemary oil

• A cooking oil for roasts, great for your Christmas lunch potatoes; adding extra flavour to your Winter soups and stews; for dipping bread into; or a restorative oil for your Winter chilled skin.

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